VIS Token

VIS token launching on Base Chain 18/04/2024

VIS is ENVISION’s fungible ERC20 cryptocurrency utility token to be used within the ENVISION ecosystem.

VIS tokens are the exclusive form of payment on the ENVISION marketplace where consumers exchange VIS tokens for the NFT associated to a piece of media directly with the content creator.

VIS tokens are also used to distribute rewards, fund the platform and incentivise platform participants/token holders.

The content creator will have complete control over the price of content in FIAT terms (USD), however, content price is displayed and settled in VIS. The number of VIS tokens needed to purchase content will fluctuate as its relative strength against USD changes. As adoption increases and VIS's relative value against USD, HODLers who pre purchase and HODL VIS tokens will be rewarded with decreasing the cost of content in USD terms.

Allocation & Distribution

23,000,000 VIS was sold in Q2 of 2021 to 50 participants in a closed round where the max allocation was 500,000 VIS tokens per participant. Bootstrap participants will have 5% of their total token allocation released each month commencing Q2 2022 until 100% of allocation is distributed.

7,000,000 VIS was sold in a pre-seed round. Pre-seed participants will have 5% of their total token allocation released each month commencing Q2 2022 until 100% of allocation is distributed.

5,000,000 VIS was sold in a public presale at an average of 12.5 VIS per 1 USD ($0.125) with each participant limited to a max value of 20,000 USD. Public sale participants could select from three vesting options, 100 days, 50 days and no vesting, each vesting option comes with varying prices. All public sale vesting commenced Q2 2022

The team is allocated a total of 25,000,000 VIS tokens, founding team’s tokens start vesting from Q4 2022 at 5% of their total token allocation released each month until 100% of allocation is distributed. As of Q1 2023, circa 50% of the total allocated team tokens have been allocated to team members. Any new team members will have their team tokens commence vesting 6 months after start date.

The foundation reserve of 10,000,000 VIS tokens will be released at 10% per month beginning from Q4 2023. This reserve of tokens will be available to fund a range of operations as the team sees fit including development, marketing, hosting costs, BD, etc. Depending on liquidity headroom and platform performance at the time of unlocking the foundation reserve may not be needed in which case tokens will remain under control of the team.

A maximum of 10,000,000 VIS tokens is allocated to individuals or businesses providing advisory services. All advisors will have 5% of their initial total token allocation released each month following Envision Stock Pty Ltd receiving signed agreement until 100% of allocation is distributed.

7,000,000 VIS tokens are allocated to rewards, giveaways, incentives, etc which the team expect to support excess of 10 years of growth at which point the need for token rewards will be negligible.

Partnerships will vary, however, will be reciprocal in nature. A maximum of 10,000,000 VIS token can be used to incentivise and negotiate partnerships and will likely be negotiated with long term vesting schedules attached.

3,000,000 VIS tokens have been deployed to liquidity pools, market makers and order books to support active trading markets. As the traded volume of VIS increases there is a potential scenario where the community provides additional liquidity on top of this allocation.

The above vesting schedules are only applied to allocations that have been associated to an individual or businesses, i.e to date only 50% of the team tokens have an allocation and therefore will be released in accordance with the above, the remaining 50% will sit in the teams treasury until its allocated to a new team member. Therefore the circulating supply will grow much slower than is suggested above. As and when possible the team will publicise any significant agreements that involve VIS tokens.

Allocation of Funds