Premium Products


Envisions premium products suite provides creators and consumers the ability to reshape how they interact with media in their day to day operations.

Leveraging on-chain and off-chain data and technology, Envisions premium products function as bolt-on tools which complement the core platform, bolstering its commercial value to both creators and consumers. Premium products are accessed by paying either a monthly/yearly fee or by staking a set value of VIS tokens for 12 months.

Envision Insights - Creators

A content creator's revenue is directly correlated to how demanded their content is and how well that content is then marketed. Currently content creators receive little to no insights which help them increase efficiency and revenue, Envision Insights plans to change this.

Pulling both on-chain and off-chain data, Envision Insights will provide creators important information in a live up to date and understandable format. Envision Insights will include a range of useful data including trending search topics/tags, popular filters/colour schemes, sold content prices, technical details, most downloaded content, any content gaps etc.

Armed with Envision Insights, creators will be best positioned to curate and market their content more efficiently. In some cases this data could provide such valuable info that creators base an entire collection based on short term trends or gaps that exist, a solution which is currently not available.

Envision Moodboards - Consumers

Often content is purchased for use in a project on behalf of either an external or internal business/client where previewing content pre-purchase is crucial. The preview process can often be clunky and not interactive, Envision Moodboards aims to change this.

Envision Moodboard will allow project leads, employees, content consumers, etc, to drag and drop low resolution watermarked content thumbnails from the Envision marketplace into an shareable interactive space. Accessible by an invite link shared directly or via email, clients or decision makers can then review, provide feedback, add/remove content and finally provide their approval to purchase the previewed content.

Creating a seamless workflow, Envision Moodboard removes the need for content consumers, employees or project leads to use clunky 3rd party platforms and helps to create the best possible outcome for their client or decision makers.

Envision Direct - Creators & Consumers

Often tailored visual projects will be executed on a contract basis with a client negotiating directly with a creator for a unique solution which may include more personalised/less generic content. This can create a scenario where a prospective client is required to conduct a significant level of due diligence to locate a creator, draft a set of guidelines and negotiate terms for the project.

Envision Direct links content creators with prospective clients by allowing project ads to be posted outlining the wants and needs of both parties. As the Envision platform encourages content creators to build a professional profile, prospective clients can see a creators catalogues and previous work streamlining the due diligence process.

Just like any other content found on the Envision platform, a creator will upload and mint their work, however, in Envision Direct the creator will have the ability to prevent other platform users from purchasing their content. This allows their client to purchase their commissioned content exclusively at a prearranged price.