Envision Platform

a solution.

Deployed to the blockchain, the Envision platform functions as a NFT marketplace with a tailored user interface and workflow designed specifically for the sale and purchase of high quality media. Interacting with the Envision platform will not look or feel too dissimilar to using an existing web2 solution from a user experience perspective, however, what's happening in the backend is significantly different.

Unlike conventional media marketplaces, content on the Envision platform is owned and controlled by the users. Leveraging smart contracts, NFT’s and the blockchain to verify transactions and proof of ownership, licence agreements or copyright is exchanged for funds without any intermediary intervention.

All transactions, licence agreements and ownership of digital assets can be seen on-chain plus included in income statements or invoices which can be generated retrospectively or at point of purchase.

All platform users have the ability to personalise their profile page inline with their unique branding. A user's profile can be used to showcase their work, attract prospective clients and build company image all within the Envision platform.

Selling Content on the Envision Platform

STEP 1 - Create and verify account

STEP 2 - Upload and tag content

STEP 3 - Connect Web3 wallet

STEP 4 - Mint original NFT which provides proof of ownership of full copyright

STEP 5 - Select sale type (licence or outright) and price for content

Buying Content on Envision Platform

STEP 1 - Create account

STEP 2 - Search, select and add content to cart

STEP 3 - Connect Web3 wallet and top up required value of VIS tokens

STEP 4 - Purchase content by confirming/signing transaction in Web3 wallet